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The Art & Heart of Kantha

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Kantha is an ancient textile tradition that celebrates the lifestyle and handiwork of the women of India. Kantha quilts were traditionally made by the women of West Bengal from layers of saris joined together by thousands of running stitches. In Sanskrit, the word kantha simply means “rags.”

Many of the blankets, jackets, scarves and bags in the Mud Lotus boutique are made of hand stitched, vintage kantha cloth made many years ago by women sitting cross-legged, filled with devotion for the well being of their families and community. The most prized kanthas are traded through many hands over the years, in contrast to modern, machine insta-made versions. The mother love infused into such exquisite fabric, which took hours upon hours to make, commands respect. 

The intention behind the two-sided kantha quilt was not to create a work of art, but rather to keep a loved one warm and safe. Women quilt makers employed different motifs, drawing inspiration from the natural world of flowers, regional animals, birds, themes from everyday activities, geometric shapes, and things with symbolic significance. Kantha has magical powers that symbolize prayers, keeping the wearer protected, and aids in obtaining happiness and prosperity.

The art and heart behind this kind of work resonates within us and opens the door to our divine creative power within. 

It took me years to find my own creative power. Without our creativity we are not participating in anything. We move through the world so fast with all of our technological advances and begin to lose touch with our inner selves.

When I began making jewelry, I fully engaged my creativity. I meditated and concentrated on picking the different stones, their colors and choosing how to set them––my inner vision of myself started to change, which then changed my outer world.

Because once you begin to be the change you want to see, the outside changes. 

It’s our inner stitching, our inner art, our creative process that will manifest our true selves and manifest change.

This is how we manifest change in the world––beginning with our own world through our creativity.

One stitch at a time.

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